Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Hair bow tutorial

1: you will need fabric, lace, scissors, pins, hairband
2: Cut a rectangle of the fabric
3: Fold it in halv, inside out.
4: Sew the edge so it will stay together.
5: Then turn it the right way.
6: Tuck in the edges like so...
7: Put the lace in there and pin it.
8: Sew it.
9: The cut a smaller rectangle of the fabric or another colour if you like.
10: Fold it..
11: The tie it in the middle of your bow.
12: Attach the bow to the headband and then you're done!

As promised, a tutorial for the bows in the last entry. You can sew them by hand too if you don't have a sewingmachine, but it's faster and easier with a sewing machine.
Hope you understand the instructions, my english is not the best ^^; And sorry for the crappy quality, I hade to make them on Picasa because I don't have photoshop at the moment.

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